what we do

As a technology partner in the home furnishings industry, MicroD offers solutions that help drive business outcomes, build customer loyalty and further revenue growth. We make the customer journey meaningful by tying the entire experience together with consistent data and seamless connections using an omnichannel approach.

why being customer-centric means being data-driven.

Data is one of your organization's most valuable resources. When fully leveraged, it will help your organization gain a competitive advantage while improving product visibility.

If you want to understand your customers and the marketplace and, ultimately, improve your bottom line, let us enrich your data.

product data management

We provide you with rich resources so you can perform critical tasks while bridging the gap between suppliers and retailers.

  • Our web-based, mobile-optimized catalog tool bridges the gap between retailers and manufacturers
  • Control and manage your brand and product distribution through an easy-to-use administration tool
  • Import catalog content, update new products and drops and generate analytic reports
  • Create, maintain and distribute electronic product pages using our catalog publishing software tool
  • Maintain data in one place and reduce errors, increase efficiency and expand data output capabilities

Make your data work for you.

Product Data Management

Retail Management System [RMS] Integration

Retail management system [RMS] integration

We have partnered with the top RMS companies to help you leverage total integration of your products across your sales channels.

  • Effectively display multiple price points
  • Improve omnichannel conversion with the ability to display location and stock status
  • Streamline the ecommerce experience by automatically loading orders into your RMS system

Let us help integrate your retail management system today.

Integrated Extranet Portal

Our system allows manufacturers to share information with their retail and design customers, sales team and staff over a secure website.

  • Provide easy access to order status, order entries, stock availability, product photos and more
  • Increase effectiveness of sales team by providing timely sales and analysis data
  • Use one password and interface so retailers and sales team can switch between suppliers

Boost your brand's visibility now!

Integrated Extranet Portal