what we do

As a technology partner in the home furnishings industry, MicroD offers solutions that help drive business outcomes, build customer loyalty and further revenue growth. We make the customer journey meaningful by tying the entire experience together with consistent data and seamless connections using an omnichannel approach.

simplify your b2b data exchange + earn revenue faster

To stay competitive, manufacturers and retailers are processing business transactions electronically via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

MicroD will help you expedite the exchange of critical business data, streamline business transactions and eliminate manual data entry errors. Our powerful EDI solution, Exim Commerce, streamlines communication and increases efficiency for retailers, manufacturers and logistics.

get control of your integration needs

Let business users automate B2B connections with customers and partners in just minutes with EXIM Commerce.

  • Increase operational efficiency and profitability by eliminating manual transaction processing
  • Provide greater inventory accuracy and visibility to all related parties
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with all trading partners by quickly sharing business intelligence
  • Operate at a level of speed and simplicity to earn revenue faster and focus on things that matter
  • Connect the right data to the right people and improve your business processes
  • Enhance customer satisfaction through smoother data integration

Conquer your data integration challenges today with Exim Commerce!

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