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It's not enough to know about trends. We help you anticipate them. Our highly skilled team will be your collaborative partner on this rapidly changing landscape in the home furnishings industry.

Good Work Doesn't Just Get Noticed. It starts a conversation.

More than 85% of the top 100 furniture retailers and brands trust in MicroD. Don't just take it from us. Hear what some of our clients had to say about MicroD and discover how we can become your strategic partner too.

"The reason I really love the MicroD solution with Bassett... Knowing its MicroD and knowing the great response we have with the company, now we can tie it together with a lot of our staff. They can just go in and do the numbers, press welts and press the contrast and all that kind of stuff. I thought it was terrific...The customers are going to like it, because they can just see it just in front of their eyes. The pixels, you know the response on the color, to the response on the cover was terrific."

Michael Schwartz, Owner

"... the MicroD website allows us an unbelievable amount of merchandise, which gives people a chance to find exactly what they want, gives our staff a chance to find what their clients want,...[and] gives us a chance to have a whole plethora of product that's available in the marketplace right at our fingertips..."

Walter E. Smithe III, President

"I wanted to tell you how pleased we are so far with the success of the site. We really love it! The site went live Thursday afternoon and within an hour we had our first lead. One of our associates gathered the additional info requested and called her right away. First thing Saturday morning, the customer made an hour drive here and purchased $10,000 in product from the associate. I just wanted to share this with you and say thank you to everyone at MicroD!"

Phil Good, Owner

"In today's ever-changing market it is undeniable you need a strong online presence. MicroD took our static website and developed a dynamic platform allowing consumers access to our showroom 24 hours a day. Not only was the implementation smooth and easy, but our new site has produced results from day one! The content and functionally has increased traffic to our website and created sales leads that we never had before. In addition, our customers rave about the room planner and drapablility of upholstered pieces. If you want to improve your online footprint, MicroD is a no-brainer!"

Jordan Orr, Owner

"Exim Commerce has definitely made our ordering process faster, easier and more accurate. We simply pull up a P.O. from the Purchase Order entry screen, fill it out and with a simple click, submit it electronically. And because it's totally integrated with our RMS, we don't have to re-enter the information. In addition, this time-saving communication method frees up our Order Entry people for more productive tasks. In today's electronic world, Exim has become an indispensable productivity tool for us."

Jim Ward, CIO

"Before we had MicroD, our website was basically just a standalone website. Just labeling all the different brands and things that we carried in our store but it was not interactive....Now that we have MicroD, we don't have to worry about all the integration of writing down all the specs on all our products. And having the full line catalog, it just comes in automatically so it take away all the data entry..."

Mike Tauber, Operations Manager

"We do know we get sales leads that turn into closing through the (MicroD) tool, which is on our Web site as well as in the store. We know people generate an e-mail through the tool on the Web site. We have a team to follow up on those, and they do turn into sales. Beyond space planning, visualization program give retailers a chance to offer consumer more options than what they can see on the floor, and that's what Kittle's has really pushed as selling tool."

Thomas Wirt, Director of Information Systems

"We have worked with MD now for several years. When we wanted to start our website, England Furnitue.com, that was the company that we chose to go with. And when it came down to update it with the Omni[Vue] platform it was a no-brainer for us to use them. The platform gives us a nice updated image which goes along with the styles and trends that we have with our company. It's also great for a consumer to use. They can go to the website, find the style that they like, drape it in the fabric that they like, print a picture and go to a store and purchase it there. It's also good internally, because our sales reps can use it to build up a portfolio for when they to go into a dealer and talk to them about it......The MicroD team has just been outstanding. They are extremely helpful, they have a quick response time. Any issue or question that might come up, you can get a response quickly whether it's through email or a phone call."

Cara Perkins, VP of Merchandising

"Beside the fact that we prefer to work with a company that is based in the United States, we like the idea of using the ePiphany platform to integrate all our vendor catalogs and the ability to drape fabrics on upholstery, with one company, MicroD. I could sense that our previous host was not so focused on the furniture industry. Through the years, I have watched MicroD continually improve on the products and services they offer for the furniture industry. Now MicroD has the ability to handle all our needs in the tech field. It is a logical answer for our internet presence."

Jeff Bacon, Owner

"We saw a lot of synergies in the fact that [Klaussner and MicroD] work with the same retail partners and so the ability to put the catalogs out there for everybody was just a natural fit. [A]t Klaussner, we have a lot of different brands, we also have a lot of different product lines and... for us that means multiple catalogs. [W]e share those catalogs with our dealers and MicroD has been great to work with. We look to [MicroD] as a leader in the industry..."

Bryan Myers, Director of Marketing

"We use MicroD's Exim commerce to handle the mapping and transmission of all EDI transactions from our retail point-of-sale systems to our order fulfillment system. It's not only highly reliable and easy to work with; MicroD has also proven to be a great business partner. They continue to provide us with outstanding technical and business support services."

Stephen Harmon, Vice President, IT

"We wanted to let you know how happy we are at Avenue Design with our website. We went live a few weeks ago and we can already see the amount of traffic our website is generating, from phone calls to clients coming in to our store. We have received positive feedback from all our customers and designers alike. Thanks to everyone at MicroD!"

Dino Bonomo, Owner

"We selected Exim Commerce for our EDI because it was easy to implement and is already connected with our major suppliers. It's also quite cost effective and we have been very happy working with the staff at MicroD. The have the expertise, dedication and enthusiasm to address all of our questions and concerns."

Christine Cook, President

"After a careful evaluation of the available vendors, we chose MicroD's Exim Technologies as our EDI provider based on what we believe to be superior capabilities and a more cost effective vendor communications solution. It is a perfect match for our technology vision as it offers an efficient, cost effective solution to our clients that is easy to implement and scales in accordance with their growth plans. We are also excited about Exim Technologies merger with MicroD, a company with a long and excellent reputation in the furniture industry. It can only bolster their (Exim's) already impressive understanding of the retail furnishings industry which naturally translates to superior products and customer service."

Doug Culmone, COO

"When I came over to the manufacturing side with the Sherrill Company it was kind of a natural to want to continue to be consumer, user-friendly for our dealers. [MicroD is] quick to understand and meet with us so that we completely have a general understanding of the projects....I had the chance to speak with some of our dealers, they certainly have grown to appreciate the fabric library and the ability to drape fabric to frame with the Sherill Company...If someone is trying to perhaps email a fabric to a potential client it's all available 24/7, they can do their homework when they want. And the customers have really stated that they like what we have done and they want us to continue. I have other companies of ours that we are being asked to create libraries for, so we are just going to continue forward with that until all our companies have a fabric library online."

Dick Ferraguto, Corporate VP of Merchandising & Marketing

"Honestly, I don't know how I could get along without FurnishWeb. The first thing I do every morning is get up and have my coffee and log on and check my orders and my shipments for the prior day. Our designers go there to get their pricing, their availability, their high resolutions photography, their room shots, information about finishes, and fabrics and all the information about our product. They find it easy to use and it saves me and my staff a ton of time per day. We spend probably 80% of our day on FurnishWeb assisting our design partners."

Cameron Ward, Trade and Showroom Sales Manager

"Fewer things are more important today to any furniture retailer than their website - it is truly their face to the public. With more than 85% of all consumers visiting a furniture retailer website before they begin shopping, making sure you are putting your best foot forward is critical to success. MicroD has developed Kittle's website at a reasonable cost and is constantly improving its effectiveness. No matter how good our website becomes, MicroD shares our belief that it can always be better. MicroD is easy to work with and incredibly responsive. As they have been participants for many years, they truly understand our industry. Simply put, they get it."

Eric Easter, President & CEO

"Reducing return rates has been a big plus since Black Lion started working with MicroD. Lower returns and bigger tickets through space-planning programs reflect their ability to give salespeople a tool for providing higher-level service. They use their time more efficiently since they know the parameters, the space limitations, they are working with. They provide more relevant suggestions for consumers, In terms of closings, it provides a comfort level to both the consumer and the salesperson when they're developing a design for the room that translates into closing the sale."

Rick Smith - Vice President, Internet Operations

"Because of MicroD, we are very proud of our website. Our current and potential customers can now browse through the wide selection of products we carry and services we offer. We have been so impressed with the results we have gotten in just the four months we have been with MicroD. From their personable staff to the advanced website features they offer, using MicroD is an excellent decision."

Kristen Tripp, Digital Community Manager

"...we had consumers call in with a particular sofa on the screen and a particular drapeable fabric on the screen, and they wanted [a] quote...[and] we can quote it right off the screen....[The MicroD] website has helped us generate more leads, [and] more traffic to our store because it's such a broad website, and a lot of content available."

George Sides Jr., Owner